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Two Steps Back

This post is not about abortion. It is not about whether using birth control is right. It is not about the fact that God would prefer that your seed land in the belly of a Snooki,  Paris (or Nikki) Hilton, or Kardashian sister than fall on the ground (or in a tissue). It has nothing … Continue reading


Here they come. They are full of very passionate people with very passionate wallets who don’t even notice that they are suddenly out $14 million. Likely by now we have all heard of them. They are a scourge of the legal world. Political commentators speak of them with a good deal of contempt and even … Continue reading

Why SOPA? Why Now?

Today is the day of the Great Internet Blackout. Websites, blogs, message boards, search engines, etc. are limiting content or displaying badges of protest as a means of speaking out against the Stop Online Piracy Act. This legal blog is commemorating the day with this post, and addressing the questions of how we got here, … Continue reading

The End of a Democratic Internet? [Updated]

This post is being put up without links and is an opinion piece only. Please refer to “Getting Soapy“, Everyday Counsel’s more in-depth treatment of the Stop Online Piracy Act. [Updated 12/16 2:30 p.m.] It looks like they have hung it up for the day. The Stop Online Priacy Act will have to wait. Hopefully … Continue reading

A Damned Shame

If you ever have the inclination to look into legal aid programs and what they do, I think you may come away surprised by what you find. You won’t just find the bumbling public defenders that show up in bad movies and TV shows, but rather, you will find the group of people who are propping … Continue reading

Consequences of Failure: Part 1

This is part of a regular contribution to this blog, related to the financial crisis, financial institutions, and certain of the legal ramifications to the general chaos we as nation have faced in the last several years. [ed. note, the writer of this post is an expert with approximately 40 years experience practicing law in the financial services … Continue reading

Why The Hate For Wall Street?

Because that’s where all the money is right? Kind of. Investing is so much more of a global thing, and if you really look into it, there are many asset management, hedge fund, bancorps, and other companies incorporated in places like Delaware, but with their home offices all over the country. For instance, most peoples’ … Continue reading

Leggo My #OWS!: Co-Opting The Protests Could Be A Disaster… Maybe

There has been some debate, and the longer they go on the more there will be, about whether politicians can latch on to the #Occupy protests and use them for their own political gains. There are two opinions at Americablog and Reason.com that cite well thought out, polled, and researched pieces by different authors that predict … Continue reading


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