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Why The Hate For Wall Street?

Because that’s where all the money is right? Kind of. Investing is so much more of a global thing, and if you really look into it, there are many asset management, hedge fund, bancorps, and other companies incorporated in places like Delaware, but with their home offices all over the country. For instance, most peoples’ … Continue reading

Leggo My #OWS!: Co-Opting The Protests Could Be A Disaster… Maybe

There has been some debate, and the longer they go on the more there will be, about whether politicians can latch on to the #Occupy protests and use them for their own political gains. There are two opinions at Americablog and Reason.com that cite well thought out, polled, and researched pieces by different authors that predict … Continue reading

Shucks, Looks Like We’re Still Part Of The British Empire

Apparently, the Brits and Americans are going to battle over the Declaration of Independence again. This time, however, there will be no guns, and maybe only a little bit of violence. It appears that several very bright legal minds from both sides of the pond are getting together to argue whether the Declaration of Independence … Continue reading

Daily News: Your Daily #OWS, Plus Other News!

Welcome to daily news. This feature will run daily and will include news of the day from around the internet that we’re reading right now. We pointed out the irony in Gene Marks’ column on Huffington Post earlier today. Marks’ frustration is evident, and there are many people who want something more from #OWS, like set … Continue reading

Gene Marks Secretly Supports #OWS…

…but he may not know it. Every once in a while sarcasm works really well as a tool to get people’s attention. As we have seen with television news pundits, antagonism works really well too. These two forms of communication can inspire debate and fire people up, but in the end they almost always come off … Continue reading


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