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Best Of 2011

Around this time of year, countless blogs and news outlets run “Best of” articles summarizing their work for the previous 12 months. They go into the big headlines for the year, and point to the stories that will persist into the new year, playing on their readers’ sense of nostalgia and hope for the future for … Continue reading

Why The Hate For Wall Street?

Because that’s where all the money is right? Kind of. Investing is so much more of a global thing, and if you really look into it, there are many asset management, hedge fund, bancorps, and other companies incorporated in places like Delaware, but with their home offices all over the country. For instance, most peoples’ … Continue reading

Leggo My #OWS!: Co-Opting The Protests Could Be A Disaster… Maybe

There has been some debate, and the longer they go on the more there will be, about whether politicians can latch on to the #Occupy protests and use them for their own political gains. There are two opinions at Americablog and Reason.com that cite well thought out, polled, and researched pieces by different authors that predict … Continue reading

Gene Marks Secretly Supports #OWS…

…but he may not know it. Every once in a while sarcasm works really well as a tool to get people’s attention. As we have seen with television news pundits, antagonism works really well too. These two forms of communication can inspire debate and fire people up, but in the end they almost always come off … Continue reading

Guns vs. Placards, When Are You Using Too Much Force With a Peaceful Protester?

There was another round of arrests in the various #Occupy movements last night and into today. Despite this, their numbers continue to swell and they are beginning to make a bit of muted progress. Of course, they have yet to define where this protest is going. That is okay for now. At least they are saying what … Continue reading


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