Occupy Wall Street

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Debt Collection: Avoid Becoming Another Horror Story

Let’s face it. Debt collection is a necessary evil. It keeps money flowing through the economy. It allows the rich to get richer. And it allows small businesses to avoid getting shortchanged by people who never intended to pay for what they bought. It also causes a goodly amount of stress and anxiety to the people … Continue reading

Overdrafts, Legalized Evil?

[Ed. note: Is this title, or slug as they call it in the business, melodramatic enough or could we go bigger?] In case you didn’t hear, Bank Transfer Day was this past weekend. This was the day declared by the Occupy Wall Street protesters to be the day when everyone leaves large banks and financial institutions … Continue reading

Shucks, Looks Like We’re Still Part Of The British Empire

Apparently, the Brits and Americans are going to battle over the Declaration of Independence again. This time, however, there will be no guns, and maybe only a little bit of violence. It appears that several very bright legal minds from both sides of the pond are getting together to argue whether the Declaration of Independence … Continue reading


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