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The Dawn of the Corporate Censor

¬†During our discussion of the Stop Online Piracy Act, part of which you can find here and here, the notion of censorship has come up. Specifically, people are very worried that the law would empower the government via the Attorney General power to unilaterally censor the internet. This would be done via an ex parte … Continue reading

Leggo My #OWS!: Co-Opting The Protests Could Be A Disaster… Maybe

There has been some debate, and the longer they go on the more there will be, about whether politicians can latch on to the #Occupy protests and use them for their own political gains. There are two opinions¬†at Americablog and Reason.com that cite well thought out, polled, and researched pieces by different authors that predict … Continue reading

Everyday Legal Terms: Contract and Consideration

Another feature we are planning here which we believe will be useful to people is Everyday Legal Terms. These are short terms that occur frequently out in the world. Our preferred resource for the definitions of these terms is Black’s Law Dictionary, which is typically seen as the penultimate law dictionary in all the land. … Continue reading


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