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Never Back Down

A little while ago we broached the topic of self/home defense with one of our Everyday Legal Terms posts. In that post, we discussed how the Castle Doctrine may or may not require you to try to escape a potentially life-threatening situation before you can use deadly force. We also got a little bit into … Continue reading

Why SOPA? Why Now?

Today is the day of the Great Internet Blackout. Websites, blogs, message boards, search engines, etc. are limiting content or displaying badges of protest as a means of speaking out against the Stop Online Piracy Act. This legal blog is commemorating the day with this post, and addressing the questions of how we got here, … Continue reading

The Dawn of the Corporate Censor

┬áDuring our discussion of the Stop Online Piracy Act, part of which you can find here and here, the notion of censorship has come up. Specifically, people are very worried that the law would empower the government via the Attorney General power to unilaterally censor the internet. This would be done via an ex parte … Continue reading


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