Corporate and regulatory attorney. Also experienced in advocacy for the mentally disabled and minor litigation matters. Not currently practicing, but maintaining the blog to keep my research and writing skills sharp. Splitting time between Connecticut and Massachusetts.
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Clash of the (Social Media) Titans

And here it is. The first time two wholly internet based (social) media companies go head to head in litigation… Kind of. There are many industries and subsets of industries that exist out in the world. One of the newest is social media having seen its development in earnest within the last decade or so. … Continue reading

Everyday Legal Terms: Castle Doctrine

Despite a few rulings and opinions saying that it might be prudent for Congress and state legislatures to regulate things like gun ownership, and even okaying limitations being placed on free speech, people almost always have a virulent negative reaction when they feel the Bill of Rights is being limited in any way. Especially the Second Amendment. Such was the case … Continue reading

Why Do States Allow The Unemployed To Be Punished By Banks?

It has been pointed out recently, that the major banks that are administering several states’ unemployment programs have been charging people receiving those benefits numerous, and (shocker) poorly disclosed, fees for the use of a debit card. We touched on this topic a little while ago in a post about the misconceptions surrounding TANF and other welfare programs, but … Continue reading

“Legal Twilight Zone”

The thought of somehow making your girlfriend into your “daughter” is a little bit creepy. Even more so when you are a mere six years older than her. However, that is exactly what happened when the awesomely named, albeit scummy, John Goodman, 48, adopted his longtime partner Heather Hutchins, 42. Critics of the move say … Continue reading


Quick post here on a news story that I found over at Yahoo!’s Puck Daddy Blog, which they found at KDSK.com. It appears that a man, Joel Bruss, was arrested Monday night for driving a Zamboni under the influence, or ZUI. Back in October, we did a post about the elements of DUI and we … Continue reading

Know the Elements: Negligence

Recently, people found out that McDonald’s stopped using ammonium hydroxide in the food it serves in the U.S. and select other locations. While we could take on the possible legalities of putting mysterious chemicals in meat products, we will leave that for another time, except to say that this is a practice that is everywhere … Continue reading

Fan Freedom: Blood, Guts, and Technicalities

Our last post concerned the basics of why Ticketmaster’s paperless ticketing scheme is, at best, undesirable. To recap, the reason why Ticketmaster, actually Live Nation Entertainment, Inc. (NYSE: LYV) is allowed to operate in the manner that is does, is because of a decision by the 8th Circuit Court of Appeals in Iowa, which decided that Ticketmaster’s … Continue reading

Fan Freedom: The Basics

There are people or companies that use the internet to control how interactions and transactions are conducted offline. One such company is Ticketmaster. In the last year and change, Ticketmaster has been selling tickets with a paperless option. This option is aimed at eliminating lines at venues, scanner problems, etc. However, it also is part of … Continue reading

Everyday Legal Terms: Mortgage

The last installment of Everyday Counsel’s Everyday Legal Terms was Quiet Enjoyment for renters. Today’s installment follows that up with a bit of information for home owners, defining a mortgage. Mortgages are surprisingly tricky things. Depending upon the state you live in, when you are granted a mortgage, you may be turning legal ownership of … Continue reading

That’s Not What I Call A Sticky Situation

The world has been shocked and dismayed to find out that Hostess Brands, Inc., the producers of those wonderful, lovable, waist expanding treats made of golden sponge cake with a creamy filling, Twinkies, has filed for bankruptcy protection. Again. Originally, the company was known as Interstate Bakeries filed bankruptcy in 2004, emerging from a five-year long … Continue reading


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