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Legal News: Governmental Abuses of Power

Welcome to legal news. This feature will run daily and will include news of the day from around the internet that we’re reading right now.

  • Here is a story that just had to be linked. We found it linked by the incomparable Above the Law and found it so sensational that it had to be passed along.
  • We suspect that insider trading will prove to be much more pervasive than people realize, but for now the insider trading champion has been convicted and sentenced to spend 11 years in prison. We should note that a convincing bail argument was made based upon the defendant’s questionable health that kept this from being a longer sentence.
  • Who isn’t into social media? If you’re looking for a lawyer via social media, or just looking for another few voices discussing the law in 140 characters or less, you should check out this list of the top 50 lawyers to follow on Twitter. Maybe we’ll take ATL’s spot on this list some day, follow us on Twitter @everydaycounsel!
  • It seems silly to have structured the law this way, but the law that is supposed to help curb cyber bullying, among other things,  does not require that social media sites be blocked, despite social media being the biggest forum for cyber bullying.
  • Verizon has gone and modified its privacy policy to allow it to share your web and location data with its outside vendors and advertisers. This type of thing is relatively standard, but it really seems that people should pay attention to these things, especially since it was revealed that the iPhone tracked and stored your location (since fixed, of course).
  • Something that we know affected law firms a great deal was the Blackberry Network outage. Well, rejoice, you may have noticed by now that service has been restored.

Good reading, and keep it legal,

-Everyday Counsel

About E.C.

Corporate and regulatory attorney. Also experienced in advocacy for the mentally disabled and minor litigation matters. Not currently practicing, but maintaining the blog to keep my research and writing skills sharp. Splitting time between Connecticut and Massachusetts.


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